Welcome to the web page of Arthedain — The Tolkien Society of Norway.

The society was founded in Oslo in the autumn of 1981. Its purpose is to promote the interest in and knowledge about the english author J.R.R. Tolkien (1982 - 1973) and his works.

The society runs the following activities on a more or less regular basis:

If you would like to join us, the easiest way is just sending us money! The annual membership rate for Norway is NOK 125. (For abroad, appropriate postage must be added. Please contact us for details.) The fee should be paid to

Arthedain — The Tolkien Society of Norway
P.O. Box 37 Blindern
N-0313 Oslo

Norwegian bank account No. 0540 08 82616

Please remember to state that this is a membership fee, your complete mailing address and email!

Updated by Anette Lauen Borg, October 2014.